Oceania Islands Gaming Through History (Ancient History Topic 3, Lesson 5)

Playing games allows us to have fun and keep learning!

So you don’t miss out on anything in this lesson, use this quick checklist:

  • Play a vocabulary game
  • Finish the Avatar worksheet
  • Finish the gaming worksheet
  • Finish the project you chose
  • Play the scenario (if you have time)


In lesson 1 you made vocabulary cards with the word and explanation on different cards.

Today and each day for the rest of the unit you will play a game with those cards. There are a few different games you can play.

Option 1: Memory Match Game

Put the cards face down in a grid. Turn over one card and try to find its matching card. Turn them both face down when you don’t find the match and put them in a pile to the side when you find the word and its definition. Continue until you have no cards left.

Option 2: Go Fish Vocabulary

Shuffle the flashcards together. Deal out seven cards to each person (2-person game). Ask for the cards you need and if the other person doesn’t have the card, draw from the remaining cards. Continue until all matches have been found.

Option 3: Headbandz Vocabulary

Each person will need a headband or baseball cap to play. Put a card with a word or definition in the other person’s headband or backward baseball cap so it points outwards. Then, try to get the person to guess the word or definition without using the word(s) or any part of it. Continue until all the words are used.

Finish the Unit

On the first day of the unit, you chose between several projects. You should have been working on it each day. If you have been doing that, you should only need a few minutes to finalize everything and turn it in.

You should have added information to the avatar worksheet as you went through this topic. See what still needs to be added, look things up online or in books, and finish filling it out and turn it in.

Fill out one of the gaming worksheets in the student workbook. You should have been working on this during the unit as well. Fill it out as if someone were questioning whether you should be able to use games to learn history. What can you say to convince them?

Playing With History

If you kept up on all your work throughout the lessons on this topic, you should have plenty of time left to play more scenarios in Civilization VI and Humankind that teach about Oceanic civilizations. Pay attention to things that may be historically inaccurate or that you notice is teaching history while you play.

While you don’t need to fill out any additional worksheets, start to notice these things.

If you want to get a jumpstart on the next Topic, we will be studying Japan, and you can read the Civopedia and play with Japanese civilizations.

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