Minecraft Writing Prompt Ideas

There are many ways to bring children’s interest into schooling using Minecraft, and writing prompts are only one idea. If you aren’t personally excited about Minecraft, it can be challenging to develop some ideas, so I’ve got a few to get you started.

Take it up a notch and have them log into Minecraft and write their story there! They’ll need a “Book and Quill” item to do this.

These prompts would be excellent for incorporating Montessori education into the classroom.

I am not associated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way, and I don’t claim copyright.

Minecraft Daily Journal Prompts

Use Minecraft to get to know your student(s) more. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

📚 If you could start your world with only five items, any items in the game, what would they be, and why would you choose them?

📚 Who would you like to play Minecraft with and why? What would you do with them?

📚 Tell me about the funniest thing you have seen or done in Minecraft.

📚 What is your favorite world you have played in? Why is it your favorite?

📚 If you could add one superhero to Minecraft, who would it be? What power do they have that you want to have in Minecraft?

📚 If you could remove one thing from Minecraft, what would it be and why?

📚 Describe something you want to do or build in Minecraft.

📚 If you could make your character in Minecraft either one block tall or 100 blocks tall, what would you choose and why?

📚 Write about a mistake you made in Minecraft and what happened? What did you learn?

📚 What is something you want to learn how to do in Minecraft?

Minecraft Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing can be hard, use the following prompts to get their imaginations going.

📚 If you could build a house in Minecraft and make it real, what rooms would it have, and what would you put in it?

📚 Pretend that the Minecraft creators have asked you to add one new thing into the game to solve a problem. What issue would this solve, and how would it be useful?

📚 What if you woke up and were in the world of Minecraft? What would you do? Would you stay in the game or try to come back? How?

📚 What are your favorite animals in Minecraft? What are your favorite things about them?

📚 Piglins come through the Nether Portal and take over the Overworld. What do they do? How would the Overworld change?

📚 Imagine that Outer Space is added to the game. What new blocks and creatures would be added to the game?

📚 You can add one new food to the game. What would it be? What positive or negative effects would it give to the player?

📚 Your best friend in the game is your Panda. One day you log in to find it gone! Who took it? How will you find your friend?

📚 You are now the ruler of the Nether. What do you do?

📚 If you were going to open a store all about Minecraft, what would you sell?

Descriptive Writing Prompts With Minecraft

Encourage your student(s) to describe details using the following prompts.

📚 Describe a Piglin to someone who has never played Minecraft. What are the most important things they need to know?

📚 Describe a Magma Block. What does it look like, and what does it do?

📚 What is an Iron Golem? Describe what they look like, their actions, and their purpose in the game.

📚 Imagine you could go to the Nether. Tell me about the 5 Senses. How does it look, smell, taste, feel, and sound?

📚 Describe your favorite build. What blocks did you use, and how did you build with them?

📚 If you were going to make a piece of pizza out of Minecraft blocks, how would you do it? What blocks would you use, and what toppings would you include?

📚 What is your favorite block in Minecraft? Describe how it looks and why you like it more than others.

📚 Describe what a Minecraft sunrise or sunset looks like. What changes in the game?

📚 If you were going to build your face in Minecraft, what is something you would add as your unique feature?

📚 Describe what happens when your character stands in a block of powdered snow. How do you think your character is feeling?

Narrative Minecraft Story Prompts

Have your student(s) tell you a story with the following prompts.

📚 You are given boots in Minecraft, and they instantly take you through what the last person who owned them did. What do you do?

📚 You are growing plants in Minecraft, and between the wheat and the pumpkins, something very weird is growing, something no one has seen in Minecraft before. How did it get there, and what happened next?

📚 One day, you log into Minecraft, and a Mystery Block is waiting for you. You hit it, and something happens. What happens next?

📚 What is your favorite biome in Minecraft? What would it be like to live there in real life?

📚 One day in Minecraft, a door appears that has never been there before. Intrigued, you open it. Where does it go, and what happens next?

📚 Imagine you were a cat in a Minecraft village. What would it be like, and what would you do?

📚 An Enderman stands before you and zips down his suit to reveal that Enderman is a small creature inside a tall, dark costume. What does this creature look like, and what does he tell you?

📚 You can choose to be any character in Minecraft for a day; which one do you choose, and what does that day look like?

📚 You find an abandoned mineshaft in Minecraft. Strange noises come down the dark tunnel with spiderwebs everywhere. It isn’t a spider. You go to investigate. What happens next?

📚 What if they added smell to Minecraft? What would your favorite places smell like? What would a moss block or a stone block smell like?

Expository Story Prompts For Minecraft

Encourage your student(s) to explain something interesting to them.

📚 What is your favorite thing in Minecraft? Why is it important to you?

📚 A friend joins you in Minecraft for the first time. What are three ways you can be kind to them?

📚 What are the differences between a desert biome and a mesa biome in Minecraft? Describe each of the biomes and then tell their differences.

📚 You are going to make your favorite vacation spot in Minecraft. What does it look like? Describe the biome you chose and the most important things to include.

📚 Explain to someone new to Minecraft the most important things they should know. What should they do first?

📚 What is the deep dark? If you could travel there, describe it using the five senses.

📚 A dolphin and a panda are both mammals in Minecraft. Describe how they are different and the ways they are the same.

📚 You find yourself in a dripstone cave in Minecraft. Describe it to someone who has never been using your five senses.

📚 If you play Minecraft with other people, describe the actions of a perfect friend to play with.

📚 Explain how Redstone works in Minecraft.

Persuasive Minecraft Story Prompts

Instruct the student(s) to argue the following points:

📚 The Warden shouldn’t have been added to Minecraft.

📚 Kids should be allowed to play Minecraft every day.

📚 Jungle biomes are the best world spawn in Minecraft.

📚 Cow farms are better than Pig farms in Minecraft.

📚 Emeralds in Minecraft are worthless.

📚 Villagers should be smarter.

📚 Snowy Peaks biome is the hardest to survive in.

📚 Wheat is the best plant to grow in Minecraft.

📚 The swamp biome is the best place to make a base.

📚 The Allay was the best addition to Minecraft.

Minecraft Education Resources

I have no association with Minecraft, Mojang, or Microsoft. I am sharing my experiences with this game only.

Below is a list of pages on this website that you may want to review for more information about using Minecraft to teach, whether it is homeschooled, charter school, public school, tutoring, or other programs.

You may want these resources for teaching Minecraft as well:

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