Common Core Standard: K.RL.1

Core Curriculum standards are used across most of the United States. However, some states have chosen to adopt their own versions. Core Curriculum remains the most broadly available set of standards for ELA (English Language Arts, which includes speaking, writing, and reading) and Math.

Text for K.RL.1

The core curriculum standard for K.RL.1 reads:

“With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.”

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Explanation of K.RL.1

Common Core Curriculum Standard K.RL.1 means it is written for Kindergarten in the category of Reading: Literature. The rest of the numbers refer to the specific lesson it teaches. Some grades have more standards in a subject area while others have fewer; they are inconsistent across all grades and depend on what each grade should learn as determined by the Council of Chief State School OfficersOpens in a new tab..

This standard asks that the student can answer simple questions about a reading. This could be as simple as giving one or two-word answers. “With prompting” means that they can answer the question when you give hints and remind them of what was around the answer within the text.

Examples for Teaching K.RL.1

The core curriculum only says what children should know by the end of each grade, not how they learn it. More details on this are here. Below you will find some examples to explain further K.RL.1.

For example:

If you offer a picture to the student and ask what it is about. It may be an option between two or more answers if open-ended questions are too difficult.

Resources to Teach K.RL.1

We have compiled a list of resources that teach K.RL.1. Each one below contains a link to another article that explains the resource further and gives suggestions on the type of learner it might work best for.

There are many types of resources and ways to teach each standard; sometimes, finding an alternative resource that offers a new perspective will make sense to the student in the way other methods haven’t. That is the purpose of this list.

If no resources are showing or no resources work for your student, we haven’t added any quite yet. We are always adding more resources, and these lists are continuously growing, so check back!

Common Core Standards

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