Ancient History Curriculum: “Pre” History – Day 4

Day 4 (Food and Games)

Vocabulary Game

Take the vocabulary cards that you made last time and turn them face-down. Turn them over two at a time in an attempt to match them.

Impacts of Agriculture

Watch the video on agriculture’s beginnings.

How Did Humans Cook?

Read the pages, watch the videos, and answer the questions about what food humans had access to and how they cooked it.

Ancient Eats: pages 10-13

Ancient Eats: Ancient Cooking Techniques

  1. Why would Otzi carry embers wrapped in maple leaves inside a birchbark box?
  2. What was the universal cooking element of the past?
  3. Early cooking vessels were made from wood, bark, hides, and what else?
  4. Later on, people used these two materials to cook in.
  5. Who was known to boil foods in hot springs?
  6. This early society started doing fried foods.

Ancient Eats: Grains

  1. What did the Inca call quinoa?
  2. What wild grain did Aboriginal Australians gather?
  3. The oldest bread dates back to how long ago?
  4. What is fermentation?

Ancient Eats: Breakfast in the Ancient World

  1. What does “breakfast” mean?
  2. What is one thing that might be found on an Ancient Greek breakfast table?
  3. In Ancient China, when would they have breakfast (Qin Dynasty)?
  4. Breakfast was the last chance for what (due to lack of refrigeration)?

Continue the Project

Work on the project you chose last time. Don’t leave everything to the last minute!

You were instructed to list things you would do each day until it was due. If you did not do that, do it now and start to work on it.

Playing Games

Start a game in both Civilization VI and Humankind. Stop the game when you settle a city.

Answer the questions about the games and think about what is right and wrong about their representations of this era.

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