Ancient History: “Pre” History – Day 2

Starting at the Beginning

We will look at very early history, or “prehistory” as history used to be called before a written record. First, we need to understand where humans came from. Watch the videos below introducing evolution.

Pull out the book “When We Became Humans” and look through pages 4-41. These pages are mostly pictures, so it isn’t as much information as it seems. Answer the questions below and put them in your Ancient Civilizations Journal. I have noted what pages each of the answers are on.

  1. Homo sapiens is the scientific name for modern humans, but what does it mean? (page 5)
  2. Why is it important that humans eat fruit and who do we share this feature with? (page 7)
  3. How can we tell how big a brain was inside a fossilized skull? (page 10)
  4. Where did “Ardi” live? (page 13)
  5. Pages 14-17 talk about the first tools. What were these tools made from?
  6. Fire was an important discovery in cooking food. But what other benefit did fire give our ancestors? (page 19)
  7. What does it tell us that homo erectus has been found worldwide in places like East Africa, Georgia, Spain, China, and Indonesia? (page 20)
  8. What did the Neanderthals in northwest Spain eat? (page 25)
  9. Why do some people today have Neanderthal DNA? (page 27)
  10. Why do some scientists think that humans are the only surviving hominins? (page 29)
  11. Humans arrived in North America how long ago? (page 30)
  12. What was the first map carved into? (page 32)
  13. A cave in Mozambique had stone tools that contained what? (page 36)
  14. What is the oldest cultivated grain and where was it grown? (page 39)
  15. Taming animals allowed humans easy access to meat and what else? (page 41)

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