Ancient History Curriculum: “Pre” History, Day 1

Meeting the Past: Food

Let’s get started! Watch this video on how you might have had to catch and cook your own food if you’d been born in the Stone Age:

What do you think about having to do that for every meal?

Start the below video at about 3:00. You don’t have to watch the whole video, but watch at least 5 minutes.

Meeting the Past: Art

Let’s look at the art they made!

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Pages 22-23 in “Great Art in 30 Seconds
  3. Pages 12-21 in “Timelines of Art”
  4. Visit this website and look at the art they left behind. Click on the play button when the website loads for a virtual tour of the Lascaux Cave:

Use this website and the Lascaux Cave tour above to look at the significance of these paintings. Answer the questions below and add them to your Ancient Civilizations Journal:

  1. How long ago is it estimated that the cave paintings were done?
  2. What are the six areas the Lascaux Cave is divided into?
  3. The cave is monitored to preserve the paintings. They have had to battle what since about the year 2000 that threatened the paintings?
  4. About how many total paintings are there?
  5. What are some animals you can identify in the paintings?
  6. Why does research show the paintings are not decorative?
  7. What images do you see in the paintings (other than animals)?

Playing with the Past

Look at the games Humankind and Civilization VI. Consider what you are learning about early humans – which game do you think helps you understand history before settling in one spot?

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