Ancient History Curriculum: “Pre” History – Day 7

Work Due

Your project work is due today. Finish anything on the project and any additional assignments that weren’t completed yet.

  1. Chosen Project
  2. Avatar
  3. Games Worksheet
  4. Vocabulary


We are going to use Minecraft to make a timeline. This timeline will be used throughout our history courses. Today we will get it set up and make the first changes.

Minecraft Timeline World (please note this is a world download for Minecraft Bedrock, which is different from Java or Education Edition)

  1. Download the world template.
  2. Open Minecraft Bedrock.
  3. Sign in, if needed, and click “Play”
  4. Next to the “Create New” there is an arrow, click on it.
  5. Select the world template file you downloaded and click “Import”
  6. Rename it for your own use “(your name)’s World History Timeline” where (your name) is replaced with your first name.
  7. Load the world.

You can fly around the world to look at the timeline briefly. Notice how the different eras of time have different colored blocks to define them. Some information has been added to the signs to help you get started. You will add more information to the signs and use this timeline as a study tool to remember important details.

Instead of doing a worksheet to show your understanding of what you have learned, you will fill in the following details in your timeline. Ensure you have saved it correctly and can find your world again as we will continue to use this in future weeks.

  1. Try flying around the world a bit and see how the timeline is set up. It starts with the Big Bang and ends in the year 2100. You can see the different blocks and what they represent at the beginning of the timeline and the blocks we will be using to mark the timeline for the civilizations we will study. Note how the time between blocks is not the same throughout the timeline. Some have millions of years between them, but by 500 BCE each block represents 1 year on the timeline.
  2. Get a “Book & Quill” from your creative inventory by pressing “E” if your settings are default on Windows. Use the search bar to find the item.
    • Open it by highlighting it (using your mouse wheel to go between the items on your hotbar) and right-clicking.
    • Write about your avatar. Title it “Prehistory Avatar” and write some information you wrote about the avatar yesterday.
  3. Use the above method to get the “birch sign” item from your creative inventory and place it on the mud bricks on the timeline in the correct spot. Note how the years are marked on the timeline.
    • Mark the year writing was invented by placing a birch sign with “Writing Invented” on the block at the correct spot on the timeline. (Secular History Textbook, page 3)
    • Mark at least 3 other important dates in “Pre” History.

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